Account Transactions report (New)

The Account Transactions report displays transactions coded to one or multiple accounts in your chart of accounts.

We have improved the Account Transactions report. It replaces the previous Account Transactions report that you may be familiar with. You will still need to run the previous Account Transactions report if you want to be able to see multi-currency account transactions in their original currency.

Image of the Account Transactions report.

Access and run the improved Account Transactions report

  1. In the Reports menu, select All Reports.
  2. Under Accounting, click Account Transactions (New).
  3. Select one or multiple accounts from your chart of accounts.
  4. Select a date range, then click Update to view your report.

    Image of the date range options.

Subtotals and totals on the report

The report will have subtotals for each account you have selected. You can group and subtotal by something other than account when you refine your report's settings.

Amounts in the Total row are a mathematical sum of the subtotals within each column, regardless of debit and credit values.

Customize your report

Click Report Settings to customize your report.

Image of the Report Settings link.

View your results

The data displayed in the report is dependent on the accounting basis and transaction type.

Date - accrual basis

Bills, invoices and credit notes display if the date they were created in Xero falls within your selected period.

Expense claims display if the date they were approved falls within your selected period.

Date - cash basis

If you select Cash Basis in your report settings, transactions will appear based on the date they appear in your bank account (eg the date an invoice was paid).


Contact name displays for account transactions. Payroll Employee displays in place of the employee's name for wage payments.

For accounts other than your bank accounts, you'll also see the description from the line on the original transaction.


From the journal number (on manual journals) or the Reference field on the source transaction or payment. If the Reference field was left blank, you may see information from another field, eg you'll see the invoice number for an invoice with a blank Reference field.

If this report is run on a cash basis and the invoice or bill has multiple lines, Xero will automatically split the payment across the separate transaction lines. Part payments will be apportioned in the same way. This is to ensure detail such as account code, tracking category and sales tax rate can be reported separately.

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