Reconcile a batch payment

The way you reconcile a batch payment in Xero depends on how your imported bank statement lines appear in Xero.

Reconcile a batch payment to one statement line

If you uploaded the export batch file to your bank, the corresponding bank statement line imported into Xero may only show one statement line.

This statement line will total the bills in your batch that your bank paid.

Reconcile a statement line with an automatically matched transaction

Reconcile the batch

Reconcile a batch payment that is greater than the imported bank statement line

If your batch payment transaction is greater than the imported bank statement line, your bank may not have been able to pay one (or more) of the bill payments in the batch. This could happen if the bank account for a customer is closed.

To fix this follow these steps:

  1. Work out which bill hasn't been paid through your bank.
  2. Delete the bill from your batch.
  3. Match the bank statement line with the Xero batch transaction.

Reconcile multiple statement lines with one batch payment

If your statement lines have come through individually:

  1. Delete the batch so that the payment is removed from all the bills. This will revert the bills to an awaiting payment status.

    You may want to take note of the bills within the batch payment before you delete this, to help reconciling in step 2.

  2. Then use Find & Match to reconcile the bank statement lines with the bills.

Some banks give you two options when uploading the batch file into online banking:

  • Show the batch payment as a single bank statement line.
  • Show the separate payee payments as separate lines on your bank statement.

If you'd like future batch payments to show as a single bank statement line in your bank account and in Xero, please choose the first option when uploading the file into online banking.