View and select transaction lines to recode using Find & Recode

You can sort search results, preview transactions, and recode transaction lines across multiple pages in Find & Recode.

Recoding can result in significant changes to accounts and reports. We recommend you only use Find & Recode if you are an accountant or bookkeeper, or have experience with recoding.

View search results

Search results table

The search results will be displayed with the following information for each transaction line:

  • Transaction type and status

    The icon displayed in the second column of each line represents the transaction type. Hover the mouse over each icon to see the transaction type details and the transaction status.

    Image showing transaction type.

    Information about the transaction type icons:


    Transaction type

    Image showing icon marked AP.

    Bill, bill credit note, bill prepayment

    Image showing icon marked AR.

    Sales invoice, sales credit note, sales prepayment

    Image showing icon marked SM.

    Spend money

    Image showing icon marked RM

    Receive money

    Image showing icon marked EC.

    Expense claim

  • Date
  • Contact
  • Invoice or reference number
  • Transaction total
  • Description
  • Account type
  • Tax rate
  • Tracking categories (if you’ve created them)
  • Line total
The line total displays the tax inclusive amount. Even if transactions have credits or are partially paid, the original transaction total is shown in the search results.

Manage page view

  • Skip to another page

    View another page of search results by clicking Page [number] of [number] and select a different page from the list.

    Image showing different page numbers that can be selected.
  • Select all transaction lines across all pages

    To select all transaction lines across all pages, click the Select all [number] items checkbox at the top of the search results table.

    Image showing 'Select all [number] items' check box.

    We recommend coding up to 200 transaction lines at a time. If you have more than 200 search results and would like to recode all transaction lines in the search results at once, try refining your search query.