Email or print a standard receipt

After you've made a batch deposit or recorded a customer payment in Xero, email a standard receipt PDF to let your customers know you've received their payment. You can apply a standard branding theme for your receipt, if you have created one.

You can also create a DOCX branding theme for your receipts if you want to customize your receipts beyond the limits of a standard branding theme. For example, you might want to change the font, add a barcode or change column heading names. You send a DOCX-themed receipt in a different way from standard-themed receipts.

Email or print a customized receipt using a DOCX branding theme

Things to do before you email a receipt

Before you can email a receipt, you'll need to record a payment on an invoice, create a batch deposit or create a receive money transaction.

You also might want to consider setting up email templates or adding a standard branding theme before you email a receipt.

How to email a receipt

  1. On the Accounts menu, select Bank Accounts.

  2. Click the name of the bank account you received a payment in.

    Image showing bank account name link.

  3. Find the payment and click it to open it.

    Batch deposits will show as Payment: multiple items.

    Single payments will show as Payment: Name of customer.

    Receive Money transactions will show as Name of customer.

    Image showing payment list in account.

  4. Click:
    • Send Receipt if you've made a batch deposit.

      Image showing link to batch send receipt.

    • Options, then Send Receipt if you've received a single payment.

      Image showing send receipt link.

  5. Enter or change information in the Send Receipt window for the batch or single payment.

    Fields to fill out for receipt

  6. Click Send.

  7. If you have multiple invoices in a batch deposit for a customer, they'll receive one receipt PDF showing all payments received.

View and print a PDF of a receipt

You can view a PDF of your receipt, and print it if you want to hand it to a customer.

  1. Record your customer payment or create a receive money transaction.

    Record payment on an invoice

    Create a receive money transaction

  2. On the Accounts menu, select Bank Accounts.

  3. Click the name of the bank account you received the payment in.

    Image showing bank account name link.

  4. Find your payment and click it to open it.

    Image showing deposit to be receipted.

  5. Click Options, then select View Receipt (PDF).

    Image showing Receipt PDF option.

  6. Select the branding theme for your receipt and click OK.

    Image showing branding theme options.

  7. Xero will download the receipt PDF to your computer. Browse to the downloaded file to open and print it.

    Image showing PDF receipt.

Fields to fill out for a receipt

Information about entering or changing fields in the Send Receipt window:

Information that displays on a receipt

The receipt displays all invoice payments for a customer. If you have selected a branding theme, that will be applied to the receipt.

Image showing receipt PDF.

The receipt displays additional information, if applicable:

  • credit notes
  • prepayments and overpayments (if they are applied to an invoice)
  • other payments applied.

Image showing additional receipt information.