Create an invoice from a quote

Create an invoice from a quote if you've supplied the goods or services, and now need to charge your customer. This saves time on data entry. The invoice history shows a link to the quote to keep track of your sales.

Create an invoice for supplied items

If you've supplied all the items on your quote, you can create an invoice from a quote.

  1. From Accounts, select Sales.
  2. Under Quotes, click the Accepted status panel.
  3. Open your quote.
  4. Click Create Invoice.
  5. Select Mark as Invoiced.

    Image showing Mark as Invoiced check box selected.

  6. Click Create.
  7. Complete your invoice. You can edit any of the fields in your new invoice.

Account for unsupplied items in your quote

There may be times when you can't supply all the items in your quote at once, and you want to invoice for only some of the items. You can account for these unsupplied items in your quote.

  1. From the Accounts menu, then click Sales.
  2. Click the Accepted panel.
  3. Open your quote and click Create Invoice.
  4. Leave the checkbox Mark as Invoiced clear.

    Image showing Mark as Invoiced unchecked.

  5. Click Create.
  6. Complete your invoice. Delete lines for items you haven't supplied.

When you supply the remaining items, repeat this process but select the Mark as Invoiced checkbox to indicate that the quote has been fulfilled.