Convert from QuickBooks to Xero

Convert your own QuickBooks file to Xero for free. Add the name of your United States business to Xero, then upload your QuickBooks file. We'll convert the file's data into Xero and set up your organization for you.

Conversion and organization setup typically happens in 3 hours, but may take up to a few business days (depending on how much data you're converting).

Check we can convert your QuickBooks file

  • US editions of QuickBooks, version 2007 or newer.

  • QuickBooks files with one currency. Check that multi-currency in QuickBooks has never been turned on.

  • Data for the current fiscal year, and the previous fiscal year if QuickBooks holds this data.

    You can convert data from earlier fiscal years, for a cost, using one of our app partners.

Prepare QuickBooks accounts for conversion

Now that you have checked we can convert your QuickBooks file, prepare your QuickBooks accounts.

Necessary preparation

  • Tidy up QuickBooks data

    If you need to do accounting work to tidy up the file, do it before you convert to Xero.

    For example, make sure you have fully reconciled all bank accounts and applied open credits to the correct invoices or bills.

  • Turn on account numbers

    Account numbers in QuickBooks convert to account codes in Xero. Xero requires account codes.

Consider these tasks also

Save your QuickBooks file

Save your file as QBB, QBW or QBXML format.

  • If using QuickBooks Online, convert the file to a QBXML format
    1. Log in to QB Online Edition as the Administrator using Windows IE 10 (or newer).
    2. Click Company Name, then Export Data.
    3. On Export Overview, click Get Started.
    4. If you need to, install ActiveX Controls and click Continue.
    5. Select All Financial Data, then click Continue.
    6. Download your file. Select I’m creating a local copy to keep on my computer.
    7. Save your file with the QBXML file extension.
  • If using QuickBooks for Mac, convert the file to Windows. (In QuickBooks, choose File, then Back up to QuickBooks for Windows.)

Your file size must be less than 1GB.

Add your organization to Xero and upload QuickBooks file

  1. Sign up for a Xero account and add your first organization.

    You can't add your Quickbooks data to an existing Xero organization. You'll need to create a new organization before you can upload your file to Xero.

  2. Enter the name of your organization, then select the country where the organization pays taxes. Click Convert your QuickBooks file for free.

    Image of the New Organization screen and the Convert your QuickBooks files for free link.

  3. Select the Convert my QuickBooks file checkbox.

    Image of the Convert my QuickBooks file check box.

  4. Click Continue.

  5. Click Choose File, then navigate to and select the QuickBooks file saved to your computer.

    Image of QuickBooks file conversion screen and Choose file button.

  6. If the file has a password, enter the:

    • QuickBooks Administrator Username
    • QuickBooks Administrator Password

    We won't be able to convert the file if you enter the user name and password of someone who doesn't hold the QuickBooks Administrator role.

    Intuit QuickBooks Learn & Support (Intuit website)

  7. Read the Terms of Use and select the checkbox to confirm this.

  8. Click Continue. Your QuickBooks file will now start uploading.

If an error displays during conversion or if you just want to keep an eye on progress, you can view progress and fix errors in a QuickBooks to Xero conversion.

Take over subscription after conversion and organization set up

We'll send you an email to ask you to become the subscriber after we've converted your file and set up the organization. You will need to log in and accept the subscription transfer, where you will gain full access to your organization.

When your trial period nears expiry, to continue using your organization, simply choose a pricing plan and enter your billing details.