Move imported statements to another bank account or organization in Xero

If you've imported statement lines into the wrong bank account in Xero, you can import them again into a new bank account or organization. If you still have the original bank statement files (eg OFX, QIF, CSV), simply import these into the new bank account or organization.

  1. Generate the Bank Reconciliation Summary Report for the bank account or organization you’re taking the information out of.
  2. On the Bank Statement tab, select the date range you want to extract.

    Image showing the Bank Rec Summary report and the Bank Statement tab.

  3. Export this report to Excel.
  4. Open the file and go to the Bank Statement worksheet.

    Image showing the Bank Statement worksheet in Excel.

  5. Delete rows 1-5 and 7-8. Leave row 6.

    Image showing rows 1-5 and 7-8 highlighted.

  6. Delete the closing balance row at the end of the spreadsheet.

    Image showing closing balance rows highlighted.

  7. Delete columns C, E, F and H.

    Image showing columns C, F, E and H highlighted.

  8. Make sure you’re on the Bank Statement worksheet and save as a CSV. This will delete the other 2 worksheets we don't need. You’re now left with a clean data file.
  9. Import the CSV bank statement file into the new bank account or organization, making sure you assign the columns correctly.

    Image showing mapping CSV columns.

    Set up CSV file import rules

  10. All statement lines will now show as ready to reconcile in your new bank account or organization.
  11. Delete bank statement from the bank account you originally imported it into, if this was a mistake.

Have a direct feed set up on old account or organization? Click the Contact Xero Support button at the end of this page so we can move this to your new bank account or organization. Include your:

  • Bank account number
  • Bank account or organization name you're moving it from and to