Create a bill from one or more purchase orders

Copy an approved or billed purchase order to a new bill to pay a supplier for goods you've received. If you copy multiple purchase orders, Xero creates one draft bill for each supplier with all line items from the original orders.

To help you keep track of your purchases, the bill history includes links to the original purchase order or orders. The purchase order numbers show in the Reference field – you can edit these.

  1. In the Accounts menu, select Purchases.
  2. Under Purchase orders, click the status panel of the purchase order or orders you want.

    Image of purchase order status panels.

    You can't copy from the list of all purchase orders.

  3. Click a purchase order or select the checkboxes of the ones you want.
  4. You can select up to 25 purchase orders to copy over to a bill in Xero. The number of line items within these purchase orders will need to total less than 100.
  5. Click Options and select Copy to for one purchase order, or click Copy to for multiple orders.

    Images showing multiple purchase orders selected.

  6. Select Bill.
  7. If you've received all your ordered goods, select Mark this purchase order as fully billed. You'll only see this for approved purchase orders.
  8. Select Create draft.

    Image showing the 'Copy contents' window.

  9. (Optional) Click View items at the top of the screen to review and edit the bill or bills. You can also edit later from your draft bills.

Another way to create a bill from a purchase order is to begin creating a supplier's bill. Xero shows you any outstanding approved purchase orders You can copy the line items over.

Image showing the bill information banner.