Give practice staff the Provide Support option in Partner Edition

If you're the Principal, give your practice staff the Provide Support option so clients can ask your staff questions from within Xero.

About Provide Support

When clients click the Ask my advisor link in the help menu or on the business performance dashboard, they can compose and send a query to your staff member without leaving Xero. Queries go to the email address the staff member uses for logging in to Xero.

The message is sent to all users who have Provide Support permission for the organization, so if more than one staff member has the Provide Support option for a client, they'll all receive the client's query.

The email is sent from Xero's messaging service email ( Staff members need to reply to the clients own email address when answering the query.

The Ask my advisor feature is only available where your practice is listed as the subscriber of the client's organization.

Give practice staff the Provide Support option

  1. From the header, click the list icon Image showing the list icon, then select My Xero.

  2. Click the Staff tab.
  3. Click the staff member's name.
  4. Next to Has Access To, click the [number] organizations link.

    Image showing user clicking on link labelled '1 organisation managed by the practice'.

  5. For the client organization:

    • Select the Advisor role.
    • Select the Provide Support checkbox.

    Image showing Adviser role with Manage Users check box selected.

  6. Click Save.