Set up your organization to use Projects

Learn how to activate Projects once your organization has access to it. Then set up access for your staff who will use Projects. You can only set up Projects to work with an actual organization at this time. It won't work with the demo company.

You can only activate Xero Projects through your accountant or bookkeeper. If you need an advisor, see our Xero advisor directory (

Set up your organization to use Projects

  • If you're the subscriber for your organization, add Projects to your Xero subscription.
  • If you're not the subscriber, contact the person in your organization who manages your Xero subscription and ask for access to Projects.

If you have standard services that you offer your customers, you can set them up as untracked Xero inventory items. That way, when you create a task on a project, you can have it already set up with an hourly rate and related accounting information.

Next, set up your staff to use Projects.