Assign a bill or spend money transaction to a project

When you create a bill or a spend money transaction in Xero, you can choose to assign them to a project. That way you can recover the cost from your customers and record the transactions on the project.

You can only activate Xero Projects through your accountant or bookkeeper. If you need an advisor, see our Xero advisor directory (

Before you start

Make sure the project you want to assign an expense to is already created and is in progress. You can't assign expenses to a project you haven't created, or to a closed project.

Assign a bill or spend money transaction to a project

  1. Either:
  2. On the bill or spend money transaction, click Assign expenses to a customer or project.

    Image of the Assign expenses to a project link within a bill

  3. For each item you want to assign to a project, start typing the project name and select it from the dropdown menu.

    Image showing selection of project when assigning an expense in a bill

    The line item description field will update to show the customer and project name.

    Image showing line item updated to show it has been assigned to a project.

  4. Click OK.
  5. Save or approve the bill, or save the spend money transaction.