Practice Administrator and Principal permissions

Users with Practice Administrator or Principal permissions can perform a range of administrative tasks in your practice, including managing staff access and billing accounts.

Practice Administrator

If you're a Practice Administrator, you can manage:

  • Staff access
  • Practice profile settings (for the Advisor Directory)
  • Billing accounts for any organizations belonging to the practice
  • Report publishing styles
  • Client groups
  • Report templates

Give someone in your practice Practice Administrator permissions

To change staff permissions, you need to be either the Principal or a Practice Administrator.

To give an existing staff member Practice Administrator permissions, you need to change their permission level from Staff to Practice Administrator.

Edit practice staff details

To set up a new staff member as a Practice Administrator, you need to invite them into your practice with Practice Administrator permissions.

Invite a user into your practice


Only one person in your practice can have Principal permissions. The Principal in one practice cannot use the same login to be a Principal or Practice Administrator in another practice.

The Principal has the same permissions as a Practice Administrator, but only the Principal:

  • Has access to your practice organization by default
  • Can edit their own permissions
  • Can transfer the subscriber for an organization in your practice

Transferring the Principal user role to another user