View payroll tax history

View payroll tax payments you've paid and forms you've filed. Xero saves your tax filing information when you mark the forms as filed. Once filed, they can't be edited with information from additional or corrected pay runs. If you revert a payment or filing, your information updates and saves the new information.

View historical taxes and tax forms

  1. In the Payroll menu, select Taxes & Filings
  2. Click the History tab.
  3. Click the tax or form you want to review.

Historical tax payment information includes

  • Taxes that are marked as paid
  • Tax period to which the taxes apply
  • Amount paid
  • Who made the payment
  • Payment date
  • Payment due date
  • Payment method
  • Breakdown of tax type

Historical tax form information includes

  • Name of form that is marked as filed
  • Tax period to which the form applies
  • Whether the form was electronically or manually filed (applies to federal forms only)
  • Date that the form was due
  • Date the form was marked as filed
  • Link to the form or worksheet

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