Create a timesheet for an employee

If an employee hasn’t submitted their timesheet for the pay period, create a new one and use an existing timesheet template, and approve it before processing a pay run. You'll need Payroll Admin access to create employee timesheets.

Before you start

  • If a pay period has a Paid status, you won't be able to create a timesheet for any employees. You’ll need to make an unscheduled pay run.
  • If an employee is already included in a draft pay run, you'll need to remove them from the pay run before you can create the timesheet.

Create an employee timesheet

  1. From Payroll, select Timesheets.
  2. In the Employee field, select the employee you want to create a timesheet for.
  3. In the Period field, select the time period the employee worked.

    If the pay period you want isn't available, a draft timesheet may already exist. The employee will have to submit or delete it before you can continue.

  4. (Optional) From Load Timesheet Template, select a template.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Select the Earnings Type.
  7. Enter the number of hours the employee worked for each day they worked. Xero automatically updates the total as you enter the hours.

    If you’ve assigned a holiday group in the employee’s Employment tab, leave the day blank in the timesheet. Then edit the hours/rate in a draft pay run on the Holidays earnings line.

    If they’re not assigned a holiday group, enter the number of hours they're entitled to in the timesheet (timesheets override the other information in the pay run).

  8. (Optional) Click Add another line to enter more earnings types and hours.
  9. Click Save Draft to review the timesheet later, or Approve it now.
  10. Click Close.