Why can't I create or view a timesheet in payroll?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to create or view a timesheet.

Are you trying to create a timesheet when one already exists for that period?

It is not possible to create more than one timesheet per pay period, per employee.

There may be an existing draft that has been created by the employee in their My Payroll portal. If an employee has created a timesheet, payroll admin users will not be able to view this until it has been submitted for approval.

The Payroll Admin user should confirm with the employee if they have created a draft timesheet in My Payroll, and ask them to either submit it for approval or delete it.

Are you trying to create a timesheet for a processed pay period?

If you have already started a pay run for the date range you're trying to select, the hours can be entered directly into the pay run rather than creating a timesheet.

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Is a timesheet for a future pay period preventing you from creating or viewing another timesheet?

Timesheets are best entered in a chronological sequence. If a timesheet for a pay period in the future is created, you won't be aable to generate one for earlier pay periods, even if you haven't processed them yet. For example, if you create a December timesheet during March, you will not be able to create timesheets for the other months leading up to December.

To correct this, open the timesheet for the future pay period and click Delete so that you can enter timesheets for earlier pay periods.