Time Off Balances report

The Time Off Balances report is a payroll report that shows all time off balances at a given point in time from completed pay runs. You can use it when you're preparing time off accrual journals, reconciling time off liability provisions, or providing managers with a summary of time off balances.

To view time off accruals and time off taken for each pay period, use the Time Off Transactions report.
  1. In the Reports menu, select All Reports.
  2. Under Payroll, click ... to expand the section if the report is hidden.
  3. Click Time Off Balances.
  4. In the Employees list, select whether to show all employees, a specific employee, or a group.
  5. Click the Effective Date arrow to select the date you want information for.
  6. In the Time Off Type list, choose whether to report on all time off types, or a specific time off type.
  7. Click Update to run the report.