Register for electronic payments and filings

Register for e-file and e-pay so you can pay state or federal payroll taxes and file forms electronically.

How it works

You can e-file and e-pay payroll taxes and filings by registering for electronic services in Xero. We gather information you've already added, but if you need to edit information, you'll need to change it in your settings, rather than during registration. This way, all your information is consistent and up-to-date in Xero.

Here is a checklist of information we gather for electronic payments and filings registration:

Xero uses these details on the registration form (Form 8655 Reporting Agent Authorization).

Register for electronic filing and payments

  1. Go to Settings, then click Payroll Settings.
  2. Click the Electronic Services tab, then click Taxes and Filings.
  3. Under Electronic Tax Agency Enrollment, select the agency checkbox.

    Select Federal (electronic) in the Electronic Tax Agency Filing Enrollment section.

  4. In the Bank Information section, enter your bank account information.
  5. Under Company Information in the Contact Details section, enter the details of the person authorized to deal with your organization's tax information, filings, and payments.
  6. Read the Terms of Service and click Enroll Now.
  7. Click Download Files to download the registration form (Form 8655 Reporting Agent Authorization).

    Click Download Files in the Sign and Return the Authority Form dialog box.

  8. Print, check and sign the form.

    The contact person must sign the form.

  9. Scan and email the form to

Once you enroll and email us your registration form, we'll send it to the IRS for approval. Some states don't need IRS approval and are active immediately.