Add employee opening balances for current quarter

If you paid employees this fiscal year before switching to Xero, you'll need to enter the opening balances for the current quarter by running unscheduled pay runs (from your opening balance date until today's date). These entries are for pay runs you already processed and paid in your previous payroll system.

Before you start

Run an unscheduled pay run for opening balances

Unscheduled pay runs are processed out of your payroll frequency cycle (pay period). Manual entries to update your opening balances don't generate payments to employees.
  1. In the Payroll menu, select Pay Runs.
  2. Select Unscheduled Pay Run, then click Process Pay Run.
  3. Select a pay schedule and unscheduled pay period.Your unscheduled pay entries reflect each pay period processed in your previous payroll system for the current quarter.
  4. Click Create.
  5. Select the checkboxes of the employee's paid in this pay run to include them.
  6. Select each employee's name and review their pay run figures and opening balances.
  7. Click Pay Employees.
  8. Click Complete Pay Run.

You can't delete the pay run once it's completed.

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