Deposit your payroll taxes and record them in Xero

Deposit your federal and state payroll taxes, then record them in Xero as paid.

You'll need Payroll Admin access to manage payroll tax forms.
  1. In the Payroll menu, select Taxes & Filings.
  2. Click the tax you want to record as paid.
  3. Make sure the tax name, period, and due date are correct.
  4. In the Payment Method list, select Manual.
  5. In the Payment Date field, select the date you want to pay the taxes.

    If the selected date is past the tax due date, you're advised to contact the tax agency about possible penalties for a late payment.

  6. Click Record [amount] Payment.

    Click the link to download prepopulated slips.

  7. Click Confirm to reconcile the full tax liability.

    The tax payment status changes to Paid and you can now print your tax forms and mark them as filed.

You can view the tax history in the History tab once the payment’s due date passes.

Make sure taxes due each pay run move from the Awaiting Payment tab to the Paid tab. A checkmark in the form means it's been sent to the tax authority.