Register for direct deposit

Set up direct deposits for your payroll payments either electronically, where available, or manually.

How electronic registration for direct deposit works

Setting up your payroll payments for direct debit electronically is the fastest option. Before you register you’ll need to:

  • Set up a business bank account (not a personal account) with one of the banks supported by Xero’s automated registration process. Xero is continuously expanding the list of banks we work with. The current list includes:
  • Navy Federal CU
  • SunTrust
  • Wells Fargo
  • We recommend that you use a standard business checking account.
  • Add the bank account as a bank feed in your chart of accounts.
  • Ensure your mobile phone number is listed with your chosen business bank account for the identity verification step in the registration process.

Register your payroll payments electronically for direct deposit

How manual registration for direct deposit works

The manual registration process for direct deposit is available for most banks and typically takes ten to fifteen business days to complete, but can take longer. You will need to add a primary contact and bank account in Xero, then review, electronically sign, and submit the Terms of Service to our direct deposit partner before entering test debits to verify the bank account.

  • Once approved, there is a 5 business banking day lead time between the time you submit your payroll and when your employees receive their funds. Please allow for this in your processing time.
  • Your payroll transactions must be submitted by 12 noon Pacific time on a business banking day in order to make the deadline for that day. Funds must also be available in your company bank account no later than 5pm at least five banking days before the pay date.
  • If you approve a direct deposit after the cutoff time for a pay run, the transaction will be processed on the following business banking day.
  • Once you have been active for 90 days with Forte, you can apply for a shorter lead time if needed.

Register your payroll manually for direct deposit