Change direct deposit bank account

Contact Xero Support to change your direct deposit bank account.

How it works

To change an account, you must submit a form, and the new account must be verified.

When direct deposit is active, the following accounts must match:

  • Electronic services (direct deposit)
  • Payroll settings
  • Chart of accounts

If the accounts don't match, your organization won't be able to electronically pay employees.

Changing direct deposit accounts involves submitting a change form, and talking with Xero Support. While the form is under review, direct deposit in payroll has a status of pending bank verification. If your organization does not submit a change form before changing accounts, direct deposit will have a status of on hold.

The direct deposit bank account change is processed when there are no direct deposit payments with the status of awaiting payment or processing in a pay run. The change process typically takes two to four business days to complete. Until the change is complete, payments deduct from the current bank account. Xero Support notifies the person who submitted the form when the process is complete.

Change your direct deposit bank account

  1. Complete the PDF iconBank Account Change form (PDF 25KB) and scan it.

  2. Send the scanned file to Xero Support. Include the name of your Xero organization.

Xero Support will contact you to help you through the bank verification process, and to ensure the bank accounts are correctly set up in the chart of accounts.

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