Payroll Read Only user role

The Payroll Read Only option is available when you change from a Business pricing plan to a Partner Edition Plan, and the Business Plan had a user with Payroll Admin who had used the Pay Run feature.

You need to be the subscriber or have both Payroll Admin and Manage Users access to add or remove other users' Payroll Read Only access.

To save you having to remember, Xero displays which users had Payroll Admin access before the change in pricing plans.

Image showing the downgrade screen and users roles assigned before the downgrade.

The plan you're changing to will determine which users Xero will check as having Payroll Read Only access by default.

Select which other users should have Payroll Read Only access. You may need to change their role to access the Payroll Read Only checkbox.

Image showing how to give Payroll Read Only access when downgrading from Business to Partner Edition Plan.

Under Settings, select Users to view or change which users have Payroll Read Only access.

Image showing users who have the option of Payroll Read Only after changing from BE to PE.