Track employee hours

If you're a Payroll Admin, assign a tracking option to an employee's timesheet to track the amount of hours the employee works.

How it works

  • Payroll tracking categories are the same ones set up in your general settings. You can track your employees' timesheets to monitor the hours they work.
  • Let's say your offices are in San Francisco and San Jose, California. If you're tracking hours worked by location, all you need to do is assign San Francisco or San Jose to employee timesheets each time you process payroll.

Before you start

Assign a tracking option to a timesheet

Once you assign a category to track timesheets, you'll need to assign a tracking option to each timesheet you create or approve for a pay run.

You can use different tracking options for each earnings rate or hours payable on an employee's timesheet. For example, you can track overtime hours differently from an employee's regular earnings.

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