View, filter, export and print payroll reports

Once you've run a payroll report you can filter it, change what you see online, then print or export it to the PDF or Microsoft Excel format.

You must have Payroll Admin access to run payroll reports.

Group results

Each payroll report has different options for grouping results, along with the default view. Use the first drop-down above your report results to select a grouping option.

Depending on the report, you can group by:

  • Employee or employee group
  • Pay item or pay item type
  • Earnings rate
  • Timesheet category.

Each of the grouping options organize your data into groups. For example, Group by Employee groups lines under employee names.

Group by Employee option selected. Results show employees' names as headings.

The default Standard View shows each line individually, without grouping.

Standard View selected. No grouping, just individual lines show on the report.

If you export the report, the grouping option you chose flows through to the exported version.

Hide columns

You can hide columns on any payroll report once you've run it.

  1. Select the Show/Hide Column drop-down.

    Click on the arrow next to the column hide button to open the drop-down.

  2. Clear the checkboxes for the columns you want to hide.

    Uncheck boxes to hide those columns.

The columns you selected are hidden in the report.

If you export or print a payroll report with hidden columns, all columns still display in the exported or printed version.

Filter by search

You can use the text search to add filters to your payroll report.

Click the result below the search term that matches what you're searching before, for example, enter 'April' and select 'Employee contains: April'.

Each text filter appears as a button at the top of the report. Remove a text search filter by clicking the button.

Click the text tag to remove it.

If you export the report, the chosen filters flow through to the exported version.

Widen report view

You can widen any payroll report to take up the full width of your screen by clicking Wide View.

Click the outward pointing arrows to widen the report view.

Return to the original fixed width by clicking Wide View again.

Click the inward pointing arrows to narrow the report view.

Export to PDF or Excel

In the Export list, select either PDF or Excel to download a copy of a payroll report in either format.

Use the Export drop-down to download the report in PDF or Excel format.

Print payroll reports

Click Print to open a printable version of your payroll report in a new browser window.

Image showing Print button.

Print from your browser.

Image showing printing report from browser.

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