Prepare for payroll in Xero

Check if payroll is available for your state, make sure you're on the right pricing plan, and add payroll in Xero. Then, make sure you have Payroll Admin access so you can set up your organization's payroll and employee information in Xero. You can even import your payroll information for a quicker setup.

If you're responsible for setting up payroll in Xero, you'll need the Payroll Admin permission for your account. The Subscriber user role (the one who set up the Xero account) automatically has Payroll Admin access. For people who aren't a Subscriber, they can get Payroll Admin permission from a person who has the Subscriber user role or a person with both Manage Users and Payroll Admin permissions.

Here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Add payroll and get Payroll Admin permissions
  2. Prepare organization and employee payroll information