View voided or deleted credit notes

View credit notes that have been voided or deleted - they look and behave the same whether they're for sales or purchases. You can't edit or process voided and deleted credit notes.

How it works

  • Deleted credit notes show a red x Delete. Voided ones show a slash through the icon Voided.
  • You can click a contact name to view their details.
  • You can enter a note or view the credit note history.
  • Voided and deleted credit notes aren't included in graphs or reports.

Find a deleted or voided credit note

  1. In the Accounts menu, select either Sales or Purchases.
  2. Click See all, then click Search.
  3. (Optional) Enter details of the credit note you're searching for in the search panel fields.
  4. If you're searching sales credit notes, select the Include Deleted & Voided checkbox.

    Image of the 'Include Deleted & Voided' option for sales.

  5. If you're searching purchase credit notes, select the All including deleted & voided from the Type field.

    Image of the 'All including deleted & voided' option for purchases.

  6. Click Search.