View expense analytics and generate reports

Review the current state of your expense claims filtered by status, employee and other labels you have set up. Create an Expense Claim Detail report for your expenses by date range and employee.

Access to the new Xero Expenses feature is currently restricted to a selection of businesses in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and USA. It'll be more widely available soon.

Before you start

  • Set up labels so that you can assign them to expenses when you create them.

How it works

  • Expense analytics help you investigate the expense claims in your business by employee, labels, status and expense account.
  • Use labels to organize multiple expenses as a logical group without the hassle and rigidity of creating a full-blown expense report.
  • Expense reports show you the expense claims in your business by employee over a date range.
  • Expenses can only be associated with one project folder, but each project can contain multiple expenses. You can sort expenses by project when you are reviewing them or creating a report.

Use expense claim analytics to filter expenses by status, label and employee

  1. Go to new Expense Claims, then click All Expenses.
  2. To filter by:
    • Everyone in your business - select by Employee or by Account next to Summary.
    • Employee - select Everyone, then click on an employee name.
    • Expense status - click Any Status, then select a status.
If you have set up expense labels you can also sort by label.

Report on your expense claims as aged payables

Generate an Expense Claim Detail report to see a list of unpaid expense claim sorted by employee in a selected date range.