The Awaiting Authorization tab

All claims that are awaiting review and authorization will be listed. Review the receipts submitted in each claim and authorize the claim.

To get to the expense claims that are awaiting authorization, go to Accounts > Expense Claims > Awaiting Authorization tab. Your user role will determine whether you are able to authorize claims.
User roles in Xero Business Edition

exp - aw auth main.png

Choose an expense claim to authorize for payment

Choose claim

Depending on your user role, you may only be able to view your own claims - only certain roles can authorize claims for any user.
User roles in Xero Business Edition

Click into an expense claim to review the receipts submitted and approve or decline them before authorizing payment for the claim.

exp - auth tab select.png

  • Expense claims are sorted in order of Date Submitted by default.
  • Change the sort order by clicking on any column heading.