Unreconcile an account transaction

Unreconcile an account transaction that's been reconciled with the wrong bank statement line. In most cases, unreconciling keeps both the account transaction and bank statement line, but it removes the connection between the two. The exception is if you're unreconciling an account transaction that's been marked as reconciled - this deletes the bank statement line as well.

If you've created an extra account transaction during reconciliation, delete the account transaction instead.
  1. In the Accounts menu, select Bank Accounts.
  2. Click the name of the bank account that has the account transaction you want to unreconcile.
  3. Click the transaction you want to unreconcile to open it.
  4. Click Options, then select Unreconcile.

    Image of the reconciled transaction from the Account Transactions screen and Options > Unreconcile.

  5. Click OK.