Add a bank account or credit card account

Set up a bank account or credit card account in Xero. You need the Standard or Advisor role to add a bank account.

  1. To add a bank account, either:
    • In the Accounts menu, select Bank Accounts.
    • In the Settings menu, select General Settings, then click Chart of Accounts. Add a bank account from your chart of accounts if you'd like to enter an unique code to identify the account.
  2. Click Add Bank Account.
  3. Start typing your bank's name:
    • If you can select the bank name from the list, a bank feed may be available for your account. Make sure you select the correct name, region, and type (if applicable).

      Image of the find your bank search box with an identifiable bank name.

    • If the name of your bank doesn't appear in the list, click Add it anyway. You'll need to manually import bank statements in to your Xero organization.

      Image of the find your bank search box with an unknown bank name.

  4. Enter the name you want to use to identify this bank account in Xero. This name will be used in reports and will display on the dashboard.

    Each bank account name must be unique. If you have different accounts with the same name, add a number or letter to the name to make it unique.

    Add bank account name (the name of your account in Xero).

  5. (Optional) If you're adding a new bank account from the Chart of Accounts screen, add an account code.

    Add bank account code for the chart of accounts.

  6. Select your account type:
    • If you've selected a bank with direct bank feeds available, choose your eligible account type. If your account type isn't shown, select Other (you won't be able to set up a direct feed for this account).

      Image of the select an account type field.

    • If you've manually entered your bank name, select either Credit Card or Other (for all other account types including check or savings account).

  7. Enter your account number:
    • If you're adding a bank account, enter up to 20 digits.

      Image showing the bank account field.

    • If you're entering a credit card account, enter the last 4 digits.

      Image showing the credit card number field.

  8. (Optional) If you're setting up a bank account for a foreign currency that you've added in Xero, select the currency. You can't change the currency of a bank account once it's set up.

    Image showing currencies that have been added to this Xero organisation.

  9. (Optional, only displays for banks with direct feeds available) If you have multiple accounts to add for this bank, click + Add another [bank name] account.
  10. Click Save or Continue.

Depending on your bank, you can now: