Expense claims that are awaiting payment

This tab shows a list of expense claims that have been authorized that now need to be paid.

To get to the expense claims that are awaiting payment, go to Accounts > Expense Claims > Awaiting Payment tab. Your user role will determine whether you are able to view and pay claims that are awaiting payment.
Expense claims role comparison

You can access each claim and ‘pay’ it from here (the Awaiting Payment tab) or have it happen automatically when you reconcile an amount received through your bank account to a claim awaiting payment.

exp - aw pay list.png

Awaiting Payment expense claims


Depending on your user role, you may only be able to view your own claims and can't make payments on them - only certain roles have full access to view and pay all claims.
Expense claims role comparison

All expense claims that have had individual receipts approved or declined and the overall claim authorized will be presented for payment.

  • Expense claims are sorted in order of Date Submitted by default. Change the sort order by clicking on any column heading.
  • Date Due shows the expected payment date entered when the claim was authorized.
  • Amount Paid shows any partial payments already process for the claim.
  • Drill down into any expense claim on the Awaiting Payment tab to mark it as paid (or partially paid).

exp - aw pay select.png