Approve and authorize an expense claim

Before you can pay an expense claim, receipts in the claim must be approved or declined, and the claim authorized. You can edit a receipt before approving it. Only certain user roles can approve receipts and authorize claims.

Review each receipt on the expense claim

  1. In the Accounts menu, select Expense Claims.
  2. Click the Awaiting Authorization tab, then click the expense claim.
  3. Click on a receipt.
  4. Review the fields and edit as required.
  5. Click Approve or Decline.

    Awaiting review

Repeat for each receipt in the claim.

Authorize the expense claim

When all the receipts on the expense claim have been reviewed, the Authorize Expense Claim fields appear below the list of receipts. The claim needs to be authorized before you can pay (or partially pay) the claim.

  1. Select a Payment Due Date.

    The date entered will display on lists of expense claims so that the person who submitted the expense claim can see when to expect payment. This date will also be used in the Aged Payables report if the claim remains unpaid.

  2. Select a Reporting Date.

    The approved total will be shown across reports and in your chart of accounts on this date. This date can be in the past if old receipts are being submitted now and you want to record this expenditure at that time. If your sales tax report is run using the accruals basis, then the claim will be included in the return based on this date.

  3. Click Authorize.

    Image showing the authorise expense claim button.

Once authorized, the claim moves to the Awaiting Payment tab. It also shows on the Archive tab.

If you've accidentally authorized a claim containing receipts you don't want to authorize, you'll need to void the claim, re-enter the receipts, then submit the receipts as separate claims (if required).