Approve and authorize an expense claim

Before an expense claim can be paid it must be reviewed and authorized.

Approving and paying expense claims

You may only be able to view your own claims. Only certain user roles can approve receipts and authorize claims for any user.

Expense claims role comparison

Review each receipt on the expense claim

Each receipt submitted on the expense claim needs to be reviewed. Until you approve or decline it, each receipt has a status of Awaiting Review.

Follow these steps to review receipts.

  1. Go to Accounts > Expense Claims > Awaiting Authorization tab.
  2. Click into the receipt.
  3. If there's an attachment, click on the Attachment link to view it.
  4. Click Approve or Decline on each receipt.
  5. Awaiting review

Approve receipts for payment

Select the receipts you want to approve for payment and click Approve.

exp - authorise approve.png

Decline receipts for payment

Select the receipts you want to decline and click Decline.

exp - authorise decline.png

Xero returns declined receipts to the submitter's Awaiting Authorization tab if the expense claim hasn't been authorized. Depending on their user role, they can amend and resubmit.

Expense claims role comparison

Delete receipts from the claim

Select the receipts you want to delete from the claim. This means they won't be included in any payment. Selecting and deleting all receipts will delete the entire expense claim. You can also select Delete Expense Claim to delete the entire claim.

exp - authorise delete.png

Deleted receipts and claims do not go back to the Current Claim tab. They disappear completely from Xero.

View the Expense Claim Summary Report

Click on the ‘View Expense Claim Summary Report Link’ to see a summary report of the expense claim. It includes descriptions on receipts and accounts used across the whole claim.

Expense Claim Summary Report

Authorize the expense claim

When all the receipts on the expense claim have been reviewed, the Authorize Expense Claim fields appear below the list of receipts.

All claims, regardless of whether any payments will be made need to be authorized before you can pay (or partially pay) the claim.

exp - authorise fields.png

The whole claim is given a Payment Due Date and a Reporting Date in order to authorize it, not each receipt on the claim. Before you submit your current claim, make sure this is what you want to do otherwise submit each receipt on its own as a claim.

If you have accidentally authorized a claim containing receipts you don't want to authorize, you'll need to:

  • delete the claim
  • re-enter the receipts and
  • submit the receipts as different claims as required.

Payment Due Date

The date entered will display on lists of expense claims (e.g. on the Previous Claims tab) for information only so that the person who submitted the expense claim can see when to expect payment. This date will also be used in the Aged Payables report if the claim remains unpaid.

Reporting Date

The approved total will be shown across reports and in your chart of accounts on this date. This date can be in the past if old receipts are being submitted now and you want to record this expenditure at that time. If your sales tax report is run using the accruals basis, then the claim will be included in the return based on this date.

exp - dates authorise.png


Approved total will be authorized and the expense claim will be shown as Approved, Partially Approved or Declined on the submitters list of previous claims.

exp - auth - claim done.png

An authorized claim with any receipts approved for payment will move to the Awaiting Payment tab where you can mark it as paid (or make a partial payment).

You can do this directly on the claim or have it happen automatically when you reconcile an amount received through your bank account to a claim awaiting payment.