Expense claims: approve an individual receipt

Rather than approving the whole claim at once, you can approve or decline each receipt on an expense claim directly from the individual receipt.

To get to the Approve Receipt screen, go to Accounts > Expense Claims > Awaiting Authorization tab. Click onto a claim that's listed and then into one of the individual receipts that makes up that claim. Your user role will determine whether you are able to approve receipts.
Expense claims role comparison

Approve receipt

Review each receipt on the expense claim


Add line

If the submitted receipt requires changes, edit it as required using the same fields as for adding a receipt.

Edit receipt

Add extra lines to the receipt if you need to spread the amount of the receipt over several accounts by clicking Add a new line.

Multiple lines



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button - decline.png

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all - button - history.png

all - button - note.png


This receipt will be included in the amount to be authorized for payment.


This receipt will not be included in the amount to be authorized for payment. The person submitting the expense claim will see that this receipt has been declined.


This receipt will be completely removed from the claim and therefore not authorized for payment.


Will return to the expense claim that this receipt appears on without any changes being saved.

History & Notes

View the receipt history or add a note to this receipt using History & Notes.