Add a receipt to an expense claim

If you have a receipt for personal money spent, and you want it reimbursed, add it to an expense claim. You can add multiple receipts in a single expense claim. If you need to enter a receipt in a different currency, convert the amount to your organization's base currency first.

Add a receipt

  1. In the Accounts menu, select Expense Claims.
  2. In the Current Claim tab, click Add Receipt.
  3. Enter where the expense occurred in the Receipt from field.
  4. Complete the remaining fields.
  5. (Optional) Attach a copy of the receipt.
  6. Save.

    Add edit receipt

Receipt fields explained

Descriptions of some of the receipts fields to help you add your receipt.

Field Description
Receipt fromSelect or enter the name of the place that the receipt came from. If you enter a new name here, that person or organization will be added as a contact.
TotalThe overall total you are claiming from the receipt or bill. You can enter a total or leave it blank and Xero will calculate the total when you save the receipt.
Include tax

Depending on what appears on the receipt or bill that you are entering, specify whether it shows tax and if it does, whether it is inclusive or exclusive.

For each item entered tax is included in the line item amount and is extracted from the subtotal and shown separately in the final amount – this is the default option (and only displays if include tax is checked).

For each item entered tax is not included in the line item amount and is calculated on top of the sub total and shown separately in the final amount. This option only displays if include tax is checked.

Clear the 'Include Tax' checkbox if the transaction shouldn't have any tax. For each line item entered, the Tax Rate field can't be edited, therefore no tax can be applied or shown in the transaction total.


Select the account from your chart of accounts that the purchase is to be assigned to.

If you're unsure which account to use, click on the tip icon display a list of the available accounts.

If a suitable account does not exist in the chart of accounts, depending on your user role, you can create one now by clicking +Add.

You can add an account code to the list that is available for expense claims, by selecting the Show in Expense Claims option for the account code in your chart of accounts.