Edit & work with awaiting payment bills

Depending on your user role, edit bills (sometimes called accounts payable) that are awaiting payment. View payments or credit notes applied to the bill and apply new ones. You can copy, repeat, void, or print bills, and send bills from Xero to Xero.

Edit an awaiting payment bill

  1. Find and open your awaiting payment bill. Use search if you know the contact's name, or bill amount.
  2. From Bill Options, select Edit.
  3. Make your changes to the bill. You can edit any field, and you can drag and drop the item lines to reorder them.
  4. Save the bill.

Work with awaiting payment bills

You can open bills from credit notes, certain reports, and bill payments in your bank account.

Image showing viewing an awaiting payment accounts payable invoice.

Make a payment

You can enter a full or part payment you've made (as many as required). You can also make a full payment on the bill during bank reconciliation by simply reconciling the full payment made for the Awaiting Payment bill.

Tick Pay by check if you want to print the check from Xero, or to record if you pay a bill by check.

Schedule a payment

Add, edit, or remove a payment date from a bill.

Schedule a payment

Apply credit

Add a credit note directly to the Awaiting Payment bill by clicking on Bill Options and selecting Add Credit Note.

If the supplier has existing unallocated (unused) credit in Xero, you can allocate some or all of the available credit to the bill.


You can edit any field of a bill found on the Awaiting Payment tab. Special rules apply to payslips and pay run bills which may appear on the Awaiting Payment tab if you have Payroll Admin access..

If the bill is a repeating bill generated from a schedule, you can modify these settings.

If you select a fixed asset account when editing an approved bill, Xero doesn't create a draft fixed asset. You’ll need to add the fixed asset to your asset register.
Changing sales tax on awaiting payment invoices or bills might impact any sales tax reports you've submitted to your tax authority, or any invoices and credit notes sent to your customer.

Copy a bill to create a new bill.


Click Print PDF button to open the bill as a PDF and print it.

You can print more than one Awaiting Payment bill at once from the Awaiting Payment tab.

Send from Xero to Xero

You can send your bill via the Xero network if you have set this supplier up.

Send a bill from Xero to Xero


Any bill not automatically generated as a repeating bill (or have had their repeating schedule deleted) can be used as a template for a new repeating bill.


You can void a bill that's awaiting payment or paid.