Your Xero home page: Managed Client

Learn about your Managed Client role if your accountant or bookkeeper has created your organization in Xero and invited you in with this role.

When you log in to Xero, your Dashboard displays the bank account summaries for your organization, and may also show:

  • An Account Watchlist panel (if your accountant or bookkeeper has flagged anything to show here)
  • A Latest Published Reports panel (if your accountant or bookkeeper has recently published any reports within your organization)

You will also have access to Bank Accounts and Reports tabs, and the My Xero administration area.

Your accountant or bookkeeper will manage your organization in Xero for you, including reconciling the bank account. They might ask you to clarify any items going through your bank accounts which they are unsure of.

View bank accounts and latest reports on Dashboard

Add comments

If you see the Add comments button, your accountant or bookkeeper has left items unreconciled which need your attention. On the bank reconciliation screen you can review and respond to a comment left by your accountant or bookkeeper or add your own to clarify what the bank transaction was for.

If you can't get to the bank reconciliation screen, that means your account is reconciled.

Account balances

You can view the latest balances of each bank account in Xero:

  • The Statement balance in Xero is the opening bank balance plus the sum of all the bank statements imported into the bank account in Xero.
  • The Balance in Xero is the opening bank balance plus the account transactions created in the bank account in Xero.
  • The line graph shows a balance over seven days. Hover over the graph with your mouse to view the balance on a specific day (which might be different to the actual account balance in Xero if you have future-dated transactions entered).

Account Watchlist

In the Account Watchlist, you will see any accounts which your accountant or bookkeeper has flagged. It will show you the amount billed or credited to that account this month, and the YTD (year to date) figure for that account.

View, print and export reports

Go to the Reports tab to view and export published reports.

Click on the report name (eg Income Statement) to view a read-only version of the report which your accountant or bookkeeper has published within your Xero organization.

Reports tab

Within each report, you can use the Print button to print the report. Alternatively, click on the Export button to display the drop-down menu and select an export option:

  • Excel
  • PDF document
  • Google Sheets

Image of Export button with Excel, PDF and Google Sheets options.

You can also select these three export options directly from the Reports landing screen. Simply click on the PDF, Excel or Google Sheets icon to the left of the report you want to export.

Selecting the PDF export option from the Reports landing screen.

My Xero and Help

The My Xero menu is available from every screen.

Image showing My Xero > Go to My Xero.

Choose another organization you have access to in Xero (if any).

My Xero is where you can manage your organizations and the way Xero bills you (if applicable).

Need help?

You can also get help from any screen in Xero by choosing 'Get help for this page' from the Help menu.

Image showing Get help for this page link.