Your internet connection and Xero

There’s no standard or optimal internet speed when using Xero. Most broadband connections are suitable however, if you're on a slower connection, see below for tips on how to improve performance in Xero.

How does it work?

Xero is an interactive web application which means the web pages you visit are a mixture of static and interactive content.

Static content (for example images and text) can be stored by your browser’s cache so it doesn’t need to download this again if you revisit the same page later.

Interactive content (for example the bank reconciliation and reports) can’t be stored by your browser. The browser needs to retrieve your accounting data from Xero before your browser can display it. The amount of information you’ve asked your browser to download, will determine the performance of the interactive content. For instance, running a report for a full year's worth of data may perform differently compared to running that same report for 6 months.

Tips to improve performance on slower connections

  • If you’re using Xero from a slower connection, we recommend that you don’t regularly clear your browser's cache. This way, your browser won’t need to always download the static content when you visit pages in Xero.
  • Where possible, use Xero when there are fewer people using your internet connection. The more people there are sharing your connection, the slower your internet speed will be.
  • Avoid using websites that stream music or video when using Xero. This will have the same effect as sharing your connection with other users.

How will I know if my connection is suitable?

We recommend signing up for a free Xero account to see if you're happy with how Xero performs on your current internet connection.

Once you've signed up for an account, you'll be able to do this by using either our Demo Company or by creating your own free trial organization.

If these suggestions haven't helped, you can Contact Xero Support. Let us know if you have tried the above suggestions. The more detail you can provide, the faster we can help.

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