Getting Started: Tour of the menus, icons, dashboard and other tabs

Learn how to use the menus, icons, dashboard and other tabs at the top of every screen in Xero. Your user role will determine the menus, icons and tabs available to you.

Image showing header menus and icons.


Xero has 2 menus to help you set up Xero the way you want, and move between organizations: Name menu and My Xero.

Name menu

Click your name at the top right of the screen to display the menu allowing you to access your Xero profile, account settings, and the logout button.

Image showing name menu drop down.

My Xero

From the header, click the list icon to see the My Xero menu. From here you can view and manage all organizations you have access to. My Xero also shows subscription information for all your organizations.

Image showing list icon drop down.


Xero displays up to 5 icons on the top right of the screen which provide access to some special features: Plus sign, Files, Notifications, Search, and Help.

Plus sign

Click the plus sign to quickly create new transactions via spend money or receive money, transfer money, or create a new invoice, bill, quote, purchase order, contact or manual journal.

Image showing plus sign options.


From the header, click the file icon to open the file library where you can use and manage your files.

Image showing files icon.


Click the notification pop-up or envelope icon to access your notifications.

Image showing notification icon.


Click the magnifying glass to start searching in Xero.

Image showing magnifying glass icon.


From the header, click the question mark icon to see all your options for getting help while you're using Xero.

Image showing help icon.

Dashboard tab

When you've set up your Xero account, the Dashboard screen is like a home page for your organization. The dashboard provides graphical snapshots of key indicators for your organization.

Other tabs

The main menu bar has up to 6 tabs, as well as the Dashboard, to help you use Xero for the organization you are logged in to.


Manage the main business functions of your organization: bank accounts, sales, purchases, inventory items, expense claims, and fixed assets.


Manage employees on the payroll, run the pay, and manage holidays and time off.

Set up payroll in Xero


View your data using standard and Xero reports. You can customize many of these reports to suit your organization’s needs.


Add and manage the people and organizations you do business with.



Change your organization settings, manage users and find app services.





If you have been set up with the Advisor user role, this menu will display. Here you can create, edit and save reports and journals.