Edit fixed asset types

If you have the Advisor user role, you can edit a fixed asset type. The details you can change depend on whether the asset type is locked.

Locked asset types

Asset types are locked if you've run depreciation on assets using that asset type.

Locked asset types are indicated by a padlock in the Fixed Assets section of the Settings menu. The figure next to the asset type is the number of assets using that asset type.

Locked asset type

You can update the following information for locked asset types:

  • Asset Type name
  • Book Depreciation Default settings

All future assets created using this asset type will have the new details. Existing assets using this asset type won't change, unless you change the asset type name.

If you want to edit other information for a locked asset type, roll back depreciation to the asset type start date. Make your changes, then rerun depreciation.

Edit an asset type

  1. In the Settings menu, select General Settings.
  2. Under the Features heading, click Fixed Assets.
  3. On the Asset Types tab, click the asset type to open its details.
  4. Make changes to the asset type.
  5. Click Save.