Export fixed assets

Export your fixed assets out of Xero to a CSV file.

About exporting fixed assets

  • Xero exports your entire fixed asset list (including disposed assets) to the CSV file, even if you limit by search criteria before you export it.
  • Xero lists the assets in alphanumeric order by asset number.
  • Xero includes more columns in the export file than are included in the import template.


Export all your fixed assets

  1. Go to Accounts, then click Fixed Assets.
  2. Click Export.

    Xero downloads all your fixed assets in a CSV file to your computer.

Additional columns in the export file

The fixed assets export file has the same columns as the import file, with these additional columns:

ColumnColumn header in spreadsheetDescription

Whether the asset is:

  • Draft
  • Registered
  • Disposed
VBook_BookValueThe asset's current book value
WAccumulatedDepreciationAccumulated depreciation on the asset at the export date
XDepreciationToDateThe last date depreciation was run in Xero
YDisposalDateIf the asset is disposed, the date of disposal