Advisor user role

A user with the Advisor role has full control over the Business and accounting features of your organization, including access to lock periods and the ability to publish reports.

About the Advisor user role in Partner Edition

If you are using Xero Partner Edition, you'll have the Advisor user role for each client organization you manage. You may give your clients the Cashbook Client role, Managed Client user role, or Advisor role (Cashbook plan only).

The Advisor user role differs slightly between Partner Edition and Business Edition. If your client's organization is on a Partner Edition pricing plan, you won't be able to:

  • Approve sales invoices, bills or purchase orders
  • Add overpayments and prepayments.

About the Advisor user role in Business Edition

In Business Edition, the Advisor user role can do the same things as a Standard user with cash coding access, including approving invoices and bills, and adding overpayments or prepayments. They can also:

  • Publish reports
  • Set and change lock dates.

If you're a business owner or administrator using Xero, you might invite your accountant or bookkeeper to have the Advisor user role, even if you only need them once or twice a year to help close off your accounts.

The Advisor's dashboard

The Advisor's dashboard allows access to:

  • All bank accounts, sales invoices, bills and expense claims
  • Summary graphs for running bank balances and sales invoice and bill payments
  • A list of accounts on a chart of accounts Watchlist (optional).

The Advisor user role has an extra menu called Advisor that provides access to manual journals, the Assurance Dashboard, and recoding.


The Advisor user role has full access to:

  • Accounts
  • Cash coding
  • Sales invoices (in Business Edition)
  • Quotes (in Business Edition)
  • Bills (in Business Edition)
  • Purchase orders (in Business Edition)
  • Inventory items
  • Expense claims
  • Fixed assets

The Advisor user role can also export General Ledger transactions and uncoded statement lines.


The Advisor user role can:

  • Access all reports, including the Management Report and Reconciliation Reports
  • View, run, copy, edit and publish reports
  • Create customized report layouts
  • Post manual journals
  • Save reports for others to view as draft, published or archived.

Reports and budget role comparison


The Advisor user role has full access to contacts.

They must have the Bank account admin permission to add and edit bank accounts for contacts.

Fixed asset register

The Advisor user has full access to fixed assets.


The Advisor user role can access and change all Xero settings.


The Advisor user role has full access to currencies if the organization has purchased a pricing plan that includes multi-currency.

If you are the subscriber for your organization, you can purchase a pricing plan that includes multi-currency.

The multi-currency option is not available to Xero Partner Edition organizations, only to Business Edition organizations.

Managing users

As long as someone with the Advisor user role has the manage users permission, they can:

  • View, add, edit and delete users
  • Set each user's role.

Manage users permission doesn't extend to managing the subscriber role. Only the subscriber for your organization can transfer the role to someone else.

The Advisor user role without the manage users permission, can only view the list of users for the organization.

Helping with setup

Xero users can invite someone with the Advisor user role into their organization during setup. The Advisor user role is sent an email invitation so they can review financial settings, help set up the chart of accounts, or enter conversion balances.

Invite a new user into your organization

For practices using Partner Edition, those with the Advisor role can be given the Provide Support option. This enables clients to send them queries from within Xero.

Give practice staff the Provide Support option in Partner Edition

Assurance Dashboard

The Advisor user role can access the Assurance Dashboard to monitor the accuracy and integrity of client data, including:

  • User activity details
  • Manually reconciled transactions and deleted statement lines
  • Contacts with identical or edited bank accounts
  • Backdated invoices and bills


The Advisor user role can access the recoding tool to edit accounts, contacts, tax rates, and tracking across multiple transaction lines.

Recode multiple transaction lines