Australian banks and financial institutions supplying direct feeds to Xero

Banks and financial institutions that supply direct feeds to Xero, with the frequency and estimated delivery time for each feed.

NameFrequency and estimated feed delivery time
Anglican Community FundDaily, 6.30am (AEST)
Anglican Financial Services (AnFin)Tue–Sat, 8am (AEST)
Anglican Funds South Australia (AFSA)Daily, 6.30am (ACST)
ANZ (Australia)Tue–Sat, 9am (AEST)
Auswide BankMon–Fri, 12pm (AEST)
Bananacoast Community Credit Union (bcu)Daily, 9am (AEST)
BankSACorporate and credit card accounts: Tue–Sat, 8am (AEST)
Retail accounts: Tue–Sun, 8am (AEST)
BankwestTue–Sun, 5am (AEST)
Bank Australia Daily, 9am (AEST)
Bank of MelbourneCorporate and credit card accounts: Tue–Sat, 8am (AEST)
Retail accounts: Tue–Sun, 8am (AEST)
Bank of QueenslandDaily, 6am (AEST)
Bank of Sydney6th or 7th of the month, 1pm (AEST)
Banking on FootballDaily, 9am (AEST)
BaplinkTue–Sun, 3.30am (AEST)
Baptist Financial ServicesMon–Fri, 8pm (AEST)
BDCU Alliance BankMon–Fri, 10am (AEST)
Bendigo BankDaily, 11.30pm (AEST)
Beyond BankDaily, 9.30am (AEST)
BOQ SpecialistTue–Sat, 10am (AEST)
Broken Hill Community Credit UnionTue–Sat, 10am (AEST)
B&EDaily, 9pm (AEST)
The CapricornianMon–Fri, 8pm (AEST)
Catholic Development Fund - MelbourneDaily, 12pm (AEST)
Churches of Christ Financial Services (CCFS)Tue–Sat, 7am (AEST)
Coastline Credit UnionTue–Sun, 10.30am (AEST)
Commonwealth Bank CBABank accounts: Daily, 8am (AEST)
Credit card accounts: Tues–Sat, 11am (AEST)
DDH GrahamMon–Fri, 9am (AEST). Except on the 1st of the month when feeds will arrive at 9pm.
Delphi BankMon–Fri, 9pm (AEST)
Dnister Ukrainian Credit Co-operativeTue–Sun, 8am (AEST)
ECU AustraliaDaily, 10am (AEST)
eWAYDaily, 1am (AEST)
First Option Credit UnionDaily, 8am (AEST)
Goulburn Murray Credit UnionTue–Sun, 2am (AEST)
Greater BankDaily, 10am (AEST)
Heritage BankMon–Sat, 9am (AEST)
Holiday Coast Credit UnionDaily, 11.30pm (AEST)
Horizon Credit UnionDaily, 7am (AEST)
Hume BankDaily, 12am (AEST)
INC InvestTue–Sat, 8am (ACST)
IMB Building SocietyDaily, 10.30pm (AEST)
Intech Credit UnionTue–Sat, 8.30am (ACST)
MacArthur Credit Union (MCU)Daily, 6pm (AEST)
Macquarie BankTue–Sat, 8.30am (AEST)
Maitland Mutual Building SocietyDaily, 11.45pm (AEST)
Maritime Mining & Power Credit UnionDaily, 9am (AEST)
MyState BankDaily, 9am (AEST)
National Australia Bank NABTue–Sat, 8.30am (AEST)
Northern Inland Credit UnionMon–Fri, 1.30am (AEST)
P&N BankDaily, 10am (AEST)
People's Choice Credit UnionDaily, 8am (ACST)
Pulse Credit UnionTue–Sat, 11am (AEST)
Queensland Country Credit UnionDaily, 10.30am (AEST)
RabobankTue–Sat, 4.30am (AEST)
Regional Australia BankDaily, 11.30am (AEST)
Reliance Credit Union Daily, 9am (AEST)
The RockDaily, 7.40am (AEST)
Rural BankDaily, 11.30pm (AEST)
Rural Finance (Australia)Mon–Fri, 2am (AEST)
Southern Cross Credit UnionTue–Sat, 2am (AEST)
South West CreditDaily, 9.30am (AEST)
St GeorgeCorporate and credit card accounts: Tue–Sat, 8am (AEST)
Retail accounts: Tue–Sun, 8am (AEST)
Summerland Credit UnionDaily, 9.30am (AEST)
Suncorp BankDaily, 6am (AEST)
Sydney Credit Union (SCU)Mon–Fri, 8pm (AEST)
Tyro PaymentsTue–Sat, 1am (AEST)
WaddleMon–Fri, 11.30pm (AEST)
WAW Credit UnionDaily, 2.30am (AEST)
Westpac (Australia)Tue–Sat, 7am (AEST)
Woolworths Employee Credit Union (WECU)Tue–Sat, 8.30am (AEST)

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