View foreign currency amounts for a contact

If you've set a default foreign currency for a contact, view transaction amounts in your base currency, and balances owed in foreign currencies.

View foreign currency amounts

The Contacts screen shows the balances you owe and that are owed to you, in your base currency for each contact. If a balance includes sales invoices or bills in other currencies, an FX marker shows next to the balance.

  1. Go to Contacts, then click All Contacts.
  2. Click the FX marker next to the balance to see all foreign currency amounts that make up the balance.

    Image of  the Contacts screen and FX hover.

View foreign currency amount details

When you click a contact name, you'll see their balances and payment activity in your base currency. You can view the payments made to your suppliers or received from your customers on the payment activity graph.

View a contact's activity and notes

Image showing the Contact Details screen.