Compatible check stationery for printing checks from Xero

Learn which check stationery is compatible for printing checks from Xero for purchases, refunds, employee paychecks or expense claims.

Check stock

  • Check stock must be formatted as either US Letter or for paychecks it should be Check-Voucher-Voucher format.
  • Paychecks using MICR format are normally set to 'Blank' and use pre-printed stock.
  • Check stock can be blank with ABA (Routing #) and Account Number in MICR format. You'll need to use magnetic toner when printing, as per bank requirements.
  • Check stock can be arranged as:
    • 3 checks per page, with perforations at 3.5” and 7”
    • Check on top, with perforations at 3.5” and 7”
    • Check in middle, with perforations at 3.5” and 7”
    • Check on bottom, with perforations at 4” and 7.5”
  • Paychecks in Check-Voucher-Voucher format must be:
    • 8.5” and 11”
    • Top Check format
    • Bottom 2/3 blank. This is used by Xero to print the employee paystub.
  • Paycheck styles created prior to June 2017 may require manual print alignment.
  • Most QuickBooks compatible check stock can be used.
We suggest you print some check samples from Xero onto your check stock, to confirm whether your check stock is compatible. You must be a Payroll Admin to be able to print payroll paystubs.


Single or double window US letter envelopes can be used. These fit 4 lines of address details.

Stationery suppliers

You should be able to print checks on most QuickBooks compatible check stock, which is available from several suppliers, including: