Edit an individual check created in Xero

Edit the number, memo, address, payee, or style you applied to a check created in Xero for a purchase, refund or expense claim.

  1. Go to Accounts, then Checks.
  2. Open the check you want to edit.

    Image showing the Check register and the payee name to click on to edit the check.

  3. Edit the details.

    Image of the check edit window.

    • Check #

      You can change the number to the next available number, or a check number you deleted.

      You cannot reuse a check number on an uncleared, reconciled, or voided check from the same bank account. Check numbers are unique across bank accounts.

    • Pay to

      You can change the payee. Both names appear on the check - the original payee displays as a reference so you know who the payment is to.

    • Memo

      Add, edit, or delete a memo to display on the check.

    • Address

      If you add or change the address of your payee, this will also update the contact's postal address.

    • Check Style

      You can change the style applied to the check.

  4. Click Save.