Release notes: updates to Xero on November 3, 2014

Here's a summary of what we've released:

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New Balance Sheet

The latest of our growing number of new reports is a new Balance Sheet offering editable account groups and formulas so you can customize your report.

Run the new Balance Sheet report

New contact account number

Would life be easier if you could ask your customers to reference the contact account number when they pay you? Do your suppliers prefer you recall your account number with them every time you order goods?

You can now add your own unique identifier to your contacts, using the Contact Account Number field. Use this new reference to search your contacts and display on your customer and supplier documents through Invoice Settings.

If you like this idea, we recommend you export your contacts from Xero, edit the CSV file to add the contact account numbers in bulk and then import it back into Xero.

Find out how to update your contacts and include contact account numbers on your invoices and other documents

Ability to void checks on specified dates (US)

If you have stale or expired checks, you can now specify the date you want the void to occur.

This means no more unintended changes to your reporting when payment reversals for void checks occur back in the past.

You can now also unvoid if you entered the wrong date for the void or chose this option in error.

Void a check created in Xero

New Reports link on Reports menu

As we roll out the new reports, we want to make it as quick as possible for you to access them. We've now added a New Reports link to your Reports menu. Easy.

Access the new reports

Contacts search faster and smarter

The contact search when entering transactions is now faster and smarter since its release in early September. Search your customers and suppliers by any number of characters contained in the name, account number, contact person and email address.

Have more clarity when you are creating a new contact and now gain the benefits of the improved contact search in Bank Reconciliation.