Release notes: updates to Xero on June 23, 2014

Here's a summary of what we've released:

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Smart Lists

With Smart Lists, you can create targeted lists of customers and generate refined lists that you can export to a CSV file, or export directly into Constant Contact (for US and UK) for electronic direct marketing. You can also create lists for debtor management purposes.
Smart Lists

4 decimal places for unit prices

Great news for those waiting for one of our top requests in Community - you can now enter unit prices with 4 decimal places on transactions such as your invoices and bills.

If you use DOCX branding themes to customize your invoices, credit notes and purchase orders, you will need to update them so they include 4 decimal places.
Find out how to update your DOCX templates 

New payment service - Authorize.Net

For those of you using the payment gateway Authorize.Net, you can now add it as a payment service in Xero.
Payment Services

New consultant permission as an alternative to staff

You might be interested in this permission if you work for several practices or if you have business interests outside of your practice. As a Consultant, you can access all your Xero organizations using the same login without the Practice Admin being able to view any organizations you have access to outside your practice.

Practice Admin user role renamed Principal

We've renamed the Practice Admin user role in Partner Edition to Principal. This is paving the way for a new administrator role which will be called Practice Admin.

Default accounts and tracking for contacts

You can now specify default sales and purchases accounts, and default tracking options for a contact. Xero will automatically apply these when you create transactions for that contact. You can change the accounts and tracking options on particular transactions if you need to.
Default account and tracking settings

Archive and restore tracking categories

If you no longer need a tracking category you can now archive it as well as delete it. If you need it again, it’s easy to restore it.
Archive, delete and restore tracking categories and options

New tax rates - EC Acquisitions and Reverse Charges (UK) 

We’ve added these two new tax rates for our UK users. Transactions using these tax rates are automatically populated in the correct boxes in the VAT return.
Tax rates

Import default branding theme for contacts

You can now specify on the import template which branding theme you want for a contact.

Improvement to repeating invoices

If you have repeating invoices set up to 'Approve and send', and you update the email address for a contact who receives one of these invoices, you can then choose to update the email address on the repeating invoice template.
Entering and editing customer and supplier contact details

Improvement to the file library 

The file library now shows which transactions files are attached to. This is a handy little feature if you need to see which transactions are associated with files stored in your file library.
Find out how to manage your file library

Improvement to the Find & Match function in bank reconciliation

We've made your bank reconciliation quicker - you can now use the Shift key to select multiple transactions when you use Find & Match during your bank reconciliation.

New login screen

You might have noticed that we have a new login screen. From the login screen you can now check out our latest videos and other information.

Improvement to Budget Manager

Xero now includes the total column in your budget exports.
Budget Manager