Release notes: updates to Xero on September 22, 2014

Here's a summary of what we've released:

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Account Transactions report includes opening and closing balances

We've added opening and closing balances to the Account Transactions report (for asset, liability and equity accounts).

Account Transactions report

Inventory items include details, recent transactions, and history and notes

You can now view details of each inventory item including recent transactions and History & Notes.

Watch out for more inventory item enhancements soon!

View inventory item details

Purchase order improvements

Are you missing matching your purchase orders to bills? When you enter a new bill and select your supplier or contact, we now list any unbilled approved purchase orders for that supplier.

You also have the following options:

  • View or copy the line items to the bill.
  • Mark the purchase order as billed along the way.

Create a bill from a purchase order

Email templates increased to 10

Good news for those who love tailoring their messages! You can now have up to 10 email templates for each type of document you send from Xero, rather than just 5.

Add, edit or delete email templates for emails you send from Xero

CSV import files contain asterisks for required fields

Importing data from another system can be a bit fiddly at times. In our CSV import files, we’ve made it a whole lot easier to get data into Xero by adding asterisks to the column headers of required fields.

IRIS export includes trial balance

If you have the Advisor role and use IRIS for accounts preparation, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve added a trial balance export alongside the existing general ledger export.

Export general ledger data out of Xero