Release notes: updates to Xero onNovember 14, 2015

Here's a summary of what we've released:

New payroll leave workflows for Australia

All new leave workflows with new and updated screens.

Payroll Admins

If you have the Payroll Admin role, you can now:

  • Use the employee’s new Leave tab to:
  • Request and approve leave for other employees at the same time on the new Payroll > Leave screen.
    Submit a leave request for an employee
  • Approve requests, and view the current leave balance for the leave type before the request is approved on the payroll Overview tab.
    Approve leave as a Payroll Admin
  • View approved leave, requests waiting for approval, completed and declined leave requests (Leave > Current and History tabs).
  • Use payroll settings to choose the leave balances you want to show your employees on their payslips.
  • You don’t have to schedule leave requests—approved requests are scheduled into the pay run that's created for that period.


Employees with access to My Payroll (the employee portal) can:

  • Request leave for all unpaid and all assigned, paid leave types.
  • Request leave for a part day.
  • View leave balances.

Authorized employees

Employees that are authorized to approve leave and timesheets can now:

  • Request and approve leave for other employees.
  • Approve their own leave requests, or send them to multiple approvers.
  • If they’re the approver, view all leave requests in the new Team Management tab.

Manage your payroll information, leave, timesheets and payment summaries

Approve leave and timesheets for your team using My Payroll

Leave accruals

Leave accruals are now entered in the employee’s Leave tab. For leave accruals that are manually added to an employee's pay run:

  • The associated leave type is automatically assigned to the employee when the pay run is posted.
  • The employee’s opening balance is set to zero, and the total leave balance equals the accrual that was added.
  • The leave calculation method is set to 'No accrual required'.

Set up an employee's leave accruals for payroll

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