Release notes: updates to Xero onOctober 13, 2014

Here's a summary of what we've released:

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New user permission - Contact Bank Account Admin

With this new permission you can control which of your organization's Xero users can edit your contacts' bank accounts. This gives you assurance that only the right people have access to bank account details for your batch payments.

All your existing users who are already able to edit your contacts' bank accounts have the new permission by default. So if you want to restrict their access, you will need to remove their permission in User Settings.

If you invite a new user into your organization, they won't have this user permission by default — you will need to give them the permission.

Add tracking to bank transfers

You can now add tracking to transfers between bank accounts in Xero. If you want to add tracking while you're doing your bank reconciliation, you'll need to use the Find and Match tab (not the Create or Transfer tabs).

Create a new transfer in the bank renterconciliation

Alternatively, you can add tracking when you create the transfer transaction in your bank account.

Files for inventory

You can now add files to an inventory item to store additional information about it. For example, you may want to attach a photo of your inventory item.

Improvements for sending multiple customer invoices

A great little time-saver for those of you who send invoices to multiple customers at a time. When sending the invoices, you can now easily deselect customers from your list. This is handy if you haven't got a customer's email address or if you just don't want to include them.

Improvements to bank reconciliation prompts

Name, Acct, Desc? What does it all mean? We consistently get feedback that it's easy for new users to Xero to mix up what they put where in the bank reconciliation. While confusing for some business owners, it also creates a support overhead for their bookkeepers and accountants. We've simplified the fields: Name = Who, Acct = What, Desc = Why, making things a lot clearer.

Payroll Admin assigned by default to user who adds organization in Partner Edition (AU and US)

When you set up a new organization in Partner Edition, you will now get Payroll Admin access by default, without needing the Principal to assign it to you.

Support discontinuing for Internet Explorer 9 and older Safari versions

From early 2015, we will no longer support the Internet Explorer 9 browser or Safari browser versions 6.1 and below. We suggest you upgrade your browser or move to Google Chrome to ensure you have the best Xero experience.
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